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The NEW year
Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Everyone seems to be making their list of resolutions for the new year 2008. Mine is really simple. Since love life have been a total flopped and disappointment, i figure i'll spend more time on my studies and most importantly, to make MORE MONEY. It's Vitamin M. Face it darlings, money makes the world go round. Since love aint gonna be there for me, i'm putting my lifestake on money. Everything works when you have the cold hard cash... Sad but true.

Reflections of 2007. Life been really good in the workforce. Great experience, valuable lessons, met lots of different types of people. Both evil and nice... It actually very fun at work where you have to watch ur backs for knifes and play this little game call "Politics." How interesting. And i thought work was only about minding my own business and working my ass off for the benefit of the Company. Friends and families have ALWAYS been there, love every single one of 'em. Lastly, to all the jerks - dont pretend that you'll be there if you're not ready to catch us fall. You bunch of assholes morons, this last one is for you...

Ohwell, it back to work tmr. Cant imgaine the emails i've got to clear.

Be back to update you guys for any happenings at work!

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all because of you
we can do
whatever we want to

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