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bizzare weather
Thursday, March 13, 2008

what the hell is wrong with the weather lately? It's like been raining the whole week! I dont think i've seen Mr Sun out in the sky at all...

Where'd you go, i miss you soooo~

So i've been using the umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh for the whole damn week...

I've also been :
- Eating lunch in-house at our pantry
- Shivering in our ridiculous cold air-con office temperature
- Wearing layers of jackets
- Hiding in the toilet
- Walking up and down office telling everyone : "zomg damn coooold~"
- Staying at our coffeeshop at the basement and drink HOT kopi gao...

These are all ways to keep myself warm!

Do let me know if you have any better ideas to share ya...

Was darn tired today. Had customer meeting at Tuas, (fug that godammit faraway place...) then i had business lunch at Prego Swissotel with customers. C'mon, we all know we cant eat well when it's a business lunch, no matter how good the reviews of the restaurant is. We cant get too messy. Sadly, i'm very messy when i eat! And i really dont care. I'll go for Prego again though. Slightly costly, but i think the Italian food are worth every cent.

Rained rained and rained till i got home. Had dinner and seriously concussed in bed... Was telling buddy how bizzare the weather has been all week and it's so cold i have got to be hiding under my covers. Since i dont have a webcam, i decided to vividly describe to him how cold it was :

HAHA! Pretty lame ya... Well, i was reeeeally cold.


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