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Michael Jackson
Monday, April 07, 2008

His blog entry is to celebrate MJ 25th Anniversary Thriller CD/DVD compilations and remixes of all his classic best hits.

I think it's a little sad to think that the younger generation these days will know MJ not as the Prince of Pop, but as the completely f-king crazy albino. Teens nowadays have the mindset that old music is bad music which is SO WRONG. No matter what had happened or had not happened, in my personal opinion, MJ is definitely, without a doubt, the man of musical legacy who is indisputably the greatest pop artist in history.

Especially for those who grew up in the 80’s watching Michael moonwalk his way across the hearts and minds of America, it's almost impossible to explain the influence and power he had during that 80's era, when i wasnt even born yet! And it's really amazing how i got to know and love all his classic hits like this song playing now - Beat It. Just plugged in ur earphones and listen to it, dont you find yourself grooving to the beat with cheesy dance moves? I loveee it! Any clubs or bands that were to play this song and you'll see me down at the dancefloor man. Call me orbi or whatever you want but this is pure classic. Just Beeeeat It!

If you didnt know by now, Thriller has sold 102 million copies till date, won seven Grammys, and 7of the 9 songs on the album went No. #1. I repeated, 7 out of 9 songs. Orginally released in 1982, Thriller spent 80 weeks on the Billboard chart. 80 weeks! That's about 1 year and 7 months can. No one else will ever, ever, have that kind of success again. No matter what happen, MJ is already a legend.

Be sure to grab his album above with CD and DVD! It's simply awesome to just watch his LIVE performance of Billie Jean and the classic classic MV Thriller dance again.


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