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Rayban Aviators + AUSTRALIA
Thursday, April 24, 2008

Well well well, what can I say... I was busy packing!

Am flying to Australia tmr, wooohooooo!

Super duper excited. FINALLY got a chance to visit Aust~

* flying the SQ A380 Airbus at Terminal 3 - 2035.

* reaching Sydney International Airport at 0555, early morning. (hopefully I'll be able to catch the sun-rise in the Airbus~ Might be able to get some pretty good pics up there!)

* 3hours wait before I take the Domestic Virgin Blue Airline to Brisbane, arriving 10.25am. (Buddy you better be there to pick me up!)

* will then catch a train to Surfers Paradise. As the name explains, I cant wait to meet a surfer dude~

* Spending a few days in Brisbane before I fly back to Sydney for the Company Event - Beach Resort at Ettalong.

* be back on 3rd May afternoon and I will be having exams that very same day at 7pm, how-cool-is-that...

Anyway it's gonna be a good trip. Dont think I'll shop much in Oz. I just wanna enjoy the life there, sip some coffee, slow down the pace alil, walk ard town, and how can I forgot... take TONS OF PICTURES!!

So before I go....

I finally bought my Ray Ban Aviators!! The Classic~

I so wanna get this aviators for a long long long time! So glad that i finally bought it. A'lil costly for a pair of shades, but it's Rayban Classic Aviators! This is the real deal man, I've gotta have one too. Will definitely make full use of it when in Aust! Haha~

So I'll be away, don’t miss me too much!! I'll blog/upload pics whenever I can.

Gotta continue packing for now!

Take Care loves. Till im back~

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