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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm gonna say the same thing over and over again... So i'll just make it short and sweet this time round. Final assignment over. Essay handed in. Update blog. Finally. Pictionary:

Ten-Dollar Club KTV @ Chinatown - Smith Street. Super worth it i tell you. Kbox and Partyworld can siam one side. I'm so going back there man. 7pm-12mn, i pay $11.50 only!! Free flow drinks some more!

Nice, cosy room for 7 of us.

And it's touch-screen! Hi-tech right...

志明与春娇 - Best 五月天KTV song.

View from 64th level, Tower Club.

It's like a penthouse. Like ppl go there to read paper and eat breakfast, omgawd...

Jewel-box lift.

Breakfast meeting.

Breakfast that cost $30+

Smoked Salmon for breakfast okaay. Super high-class~

Dean's Farewell.

Office Buddy!

Gift for Dean - Lion Stone Statue.

Dean's son! Super cuteeeeee~

Sunset at rooftop.

Whoooops! =X

Dancing at the rooftop, making beats with a... urm, frying pan. Didnt take alot of pic, spent most of the time lying at the rooftop, counting the stars, staring into the vast dark skies, dancing in the moonlight. It's so niceee lah~ i wish i have a penthouse rooftop!

awfully chocolate ice-cream!

twj - sorry i tried it w/o you! We shall go again next time~

Villa Bali. Current fav haunt. Anyone?

Happy 22nd Birthday to Rui Ling!

Eric and GF.

Sabah mates.

Happy Birthday Babe!

I said - if we all could look thaaaat thin. They started screaming at my absurb remarks cos i'm thin enough. Muahaha!

My office building Gateway is full of mirrors everywhere! Pillars, lift.
Must be some feng-shui thing.

MOF - Bugis. The other time YT intro me to this place. Nice Jap food with affordable price. Do check it out!

My Bento Set

The Dessert was goood!

All of us at work had to clear up our desk for the arrival of the Board of Directors. Very neat rigggght~

If you cant find me at my desk, pls speak to my representative - The Penguin.

That's about all. I'm busy busy busy this week! Tell you guys tmr~

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