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Oz Pt.1 - Brisbane, Surfers Paradise.
Sunday, May 04, 2008

SO I'M BACK! What a awesome, kick-ass trip. I almost just wanna settle down there and not come back for the time being... Wookays i'm just gonna cut the crap and go straight into pictures ya... There's a hell lot of 'em to cover!

Huge Koi at T3!

Airbus A380 dinner. I had a bad night flight. Didnt slept well, was having a horrible motion sickness, watched Juno. I LOVED IT! Background song playing - All i Want is You... I think the Airbus is awesome~

Arrived at Sydney airport, jam-packed with people!

Transit at Domestic Airport to Brisbane. Was lugging 4 bags along the way and everyone was looking at me all weird! One fellow Aussie laughed that though i was travelling alone, i have quite alot of stuff with me. 16kgs of stuff, no joke man. I single-handed carry 'em all the way to Brisbane!

FYI - Half of which are NOT my stuff...

Glad i didnt get checked though! I see the others literally flipping the stuffs in their luggage inside out and upside down... If i flipped everything out, i'm gonna have a hard time stuffing them back. Was in the middle of the never ending long queue of custom check when this Immigration Guy approached me.

Immigration Guy : Are you travelling alone?

Me : Yes...

Immigration Guy : What's inside your bag?

Me : Oh, just some clothes and pills. (i declared them...)

Immigration Guy : What kind of pills?

Me : Vitamins, supplement omega pills and stuff...

Immigration Guy : Okay... you know what am i gonna do to you?

Me : (starting to panic and freak out a lil...) urm... whaaaat?

Immigration Guy : You see the exit infront? Just walk straight and leave, have a gd'day!

Me: (omgawd you farking scared the shenanigan out of me lah....) OH GREAT THANKS!

So ya... they didnt checked my bag, i dont have to pull everything out and wait forever in the queue, woohooooo!

Krispy Kreme for Breakfast.

It's so nice to watch the planes fly in and out as i ponder in awe about the genius who invented airplanes. You so rock my world man... Thank God for airplanes that brings me to places! We were flying pretty low and i took tons of pics.

Houses everywhere! No high rise at all.

By far my favourite pic of 'em all. Beautiful coastline...

See! Toldya i took alot of pics onflight. Pretty cool aye~

Reached Airport and Buddy was there to pick me up. Finally getting to see someone i know after travelling for 10hours!

Dropped the bags and head out to our 1st destination - Surfers Paradise!

Like we have to take a ferry to the city. Super duper cool one loh~


Rayban Avi were of good use. Almost everyone wears sunnies in Oz. It's like a must have accessories!

I wish i can take the ferry everyday! With the wind in my hair and the sun on my face. Just feels so so so gooood...

Everybody loves my Rayban~


Took a 1hr plus train and arrived at Surfers!


Very Windy...

Very Very Windy! I swear it was freaking cold.

But damn... it sure felt darn good with the cool chilly wind blowing in my face.

Jace was here. So that's Surfers Paradise for y'all~

Crashing Waves.

Last night, i dreamt that i was learning how to surf loh.... Hahaha!

Surfer Rescuers were cute tooo...

Was supposed to stay 1 night in Surfers, but there were some screwed up and i dont even wanna go into that... So forget it, and we went back home to Brisbane.

1st day in Oz land, i probably spendt 3/4 of my time travelling on air, sea and land....

Home at around 2am... But Surfers was worth all the travelling.

Well that's all for Pt.1!! Pls stay tuned for Pt.2, i promise more pics to come.

Sidenote : I AM SO LOVIN MONDAY NIGHTS! Prison Break and Lost back to back!! OMFG, 10pm - 12midnight. At least there's something to look forward to after looming past Monday Blues every weeeeeek! *Super HAPPY*=))

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