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Oz Pt.3 - Chinatown + Last night
Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Last second day in Brisbane... Buddy's got school. Friend Brown and Jacq brought me around town!


Some backpackers' inn.


My jacket makes me look preg like juno...

Not a very amazing Chinatown though...

Bought a new car. My dream Mini!

I'm such the perfect driver for this car.

Anybody knows what this signboard means?

Lynn! This is for you.

It's so big...

Hot Mocha and Coffee Art. I think it's very pretty~


And Jacq. Thanks for spending the afternoon!

Went to visit buddy at his uni.

It's really a nice and conducive place to study~

Take a break by the lake... (Hey it rhythms!)

Eeew! 4-legged creepy crawler!

He just went on shooting emo backview pics of me. Damn! =S

Crossing bridge.

I kinda wish i was studying there too!

Made dinner for the rest to thank the hosts for their hospitality.

Had Pizza, Pasta and wine.

Was too hungry that the food was gobble up b4 i could snap a shot of it.

Absinthe aka Green Fairy. This drink is banned in Singapore.

It's illegal to sell or manufacture Absinthe. It's very evil!!

So this was the room that i've been sleeping for the past few days. Room was in a mess!

Had all my books on this already messy table-> Bigger MESS.

So i occupied his whole queen size bed... he gave it up.

the whole queen size bed!!

and took the teeny weeny corner beside my bed... =))

yea it's that small... haha, isnt he so sweet!! He actually liked it there.

It was really cold on my last night in Brisbane. Like 12degree outside! Freaking cold, we had to use the heater to keep warm... I was in 2 layers of blankets and I simply refused to move an inch! We slept really late and had to wake up at 5am for my domestic flight to Sydney. Buddy sent me to the airport with the exorbitant taxi fare of $AUD50, which is abt S$64... How insane is that!!


This concluded my stay in Brisbane with Buddy! It was really a fun experience to crash over at his place, kinda felt like I was studying there too. I really like it there though. The weather, the friendly people, the pace of life. It's the perfect place for me to escape from my current life!! Will definitely crash over there again when I'm losing myself here and need a good hideout place there.

Next up will be Sydney!

But for now, i neeed to sleeeeeeep. Gdnight world~

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