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Sour grapes never taste so sour
Sunday, July 20, 2008

so how's everyone? it's been a while ya. I finally handed in my 8000 word essay. (Everyone farking hell screeeeam YEAH with me!) It's been war for the last week. Work was rough, Schoolwork was worse. Draining all my energy away, i still wanna show you guys my travel pics. Those are probably the only stuff now that are keeping my sanity alive. So stay tuned for all the pics... I'm staying awake at night to get all these done.

Just randomly, i never log on to facebook till this afternoon. (cos i have no clue how to use it. Yes, believe it or not. I'm not even kidding abt it...) Anywho, i knew my instinct and intuition are always right, never was i wrong. NEVER. Guys listen to me, always always trust a women's intuition. I'm so not doubting about what the heart's telling me anymore. But you should have told me earlier and i would not have flew over.

Somethings are just not worth it when you dont see the appreciation from others. Guess i found out too late. Well, better late that never. Sour grapes never taste so sour. And it's proven once again, stupidity and foolishness have always been my forte.

Love all...

But not you anymore.

you'll know it's
all because of you
we can do
whatever we want to

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