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Travel Trilogy - Hong Kong
Monday, July 21, 2008

Amidst my utter disappointment, i figure sharing my travel pics might help me get over it. Don't you like the title that i came up with?? I think Travel Trilogy is so so exciting! Decided to collage all my picture this time round. I cant be painstakingly uploading pictures one by one for Travel Trilogy. I think it's so much neater in a collage. Hope you guys like it!

So this HK trip was a treat from me to my parents. Got them a Cathay Pacific air tix while i flew Jetstar to HK. Save $$$! Dad's friend join us too. So there was 6 of us in total. I flew to HK first, made my way to the hotel (via train,bus,walk - godammit...) and waited for them. That Mango dessert was damn good loh. Why was it close down in SG anyway??

HK is really what you see on the TV. The HK-looking housings, high end condos. With limited space constrain, everything goes upwards...

Victoria's Peak was beautiful at night. Lovely lights from the skyscrapers.

Meeting famous people! I think Jay Chou one damn fake loh. Like WTF?? It's so not him! Probably the only wax figure that was done so badly. I'm sorry man, but that is NOT Jay Chou. I insisted!! I'm sure you'll agree~

LKY. Recognise anyone else?

I personally felt that the Andy Lau one was over-rated. Peirce Brosnan was so much hotter!

Yao Ming is damn f-ing tall, I wanna learn golf and I heart The Beatles!

Star Ave. Neon lights. Ladies' Street.

Harbour, Victoria's Peak during the day.

Causeway Bay. Jackie Chan's residency. Temple.

God of Wealth! Huat ah!! Longevity Bridge.

Boat ride. Expensive looking yatch. Jumbo looks damn big. Jumbo indeed!

Random pics. Huge Char Siew and SUPER SMALL ROOM, i'm not even kidding... The toilet and room door cannot be open at the same time. Smallest room i've even seen!

Visited Grandma and Aunt's place in HK. Wanted to make a trip to Macau on the last day but there was a horrible typhooon. Hotel was lockdown. Everyone had to stay in. I had to go refund my tix to Macau after the typhoon was over. Aftermath of the typhoon was bad though; everywhere was wet, you practically see broken umbrella in every rubbish bin, shops were closed....

Will probably have to travel to Macau again next time. Bummer! HK was quite a short trip. I went back home to SG 1 day earlier while the folks continue their shopping quest. Honest to blog, i didnt really like HK. All the shopping is so not interesting to me man. Was so looking forward to Macau, it'll prolly be better...

Ohwell, next time round then. Anyone?

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