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Travel Trilogy - Sydney; Hunter Valley
Thursday, July 24, 2008

The weekends were planned to explore Sydney. We signed up for a tour to bring us to Hunter Valley and i am so so glad that i went ahead with this. It is slightly pricey for a 1 day tour but it's sure worth it. Visiting the Hunter Valley is a way to experience and enjoy the good things in Australian life and to reward myself.

Just some background history before i roll out the pictures: "The Hunter Valley is Australia’s oldest and one of its most well-known wine regions. Here you will find world-class Hunter Valley Semillon that has been called “Australia’s unique gift to the world’, great Australian Shiraz that lasts for generations, and generations of family winemakers that are here to tell the tale."

As usual, the weather was chilly and sunny at the same time...

1st winery - Iron Gates. Drank a good mix of red & white wines.

When you have your first sip of the beautiful wine, it rolls to the back of your tongue, sending a tingling sensation to all your taste buds. You can even taste the oak that the wine was store in for ageing. Wine also taste different after you eat a piece chocolate. Absolutely complimenting to each other. I hate olives and i cant stand the taste of it. But the lovely people at Iron Gates soaked olives in wines and it taste so so good!

Tour of the winery. Explanation of how wines are made. See the American Oak Barrels? Wine are stored in the barrels for years and i swear you can literally taste the oak when you drink the wines from Iron Gates.

Headed over for lunch. There is no shortage of choice when you have over 60 restaurants, 120 wineries and 160 accommodation venues to choose from at Hunter Valley. The next time when im back at Hunter, i would want to stay over in one of the many wineries, get wasted and drink my life away with all the wines. Any takers?

The ruffles of leaves, branches as the wind blows. Winter seems so so cold...

Wine and Chocolate.

2nd winery - Ernest Hill. As it's fairly a small winery, bottles of wine they made every year are exclusively sold only at Hunter Valley. You can not buy it anywhere else off the racks.

I bought 2 bottles of Semillon, sweet dessert wine. Absolutely stunning~ Felt so happy after drinking that wine! It's so sweet that it just made you happy instantly. Well, i was probably feeling drunk/high after so many glasses of wine tasting and i was flushing red! That picture is not the effect of the sunlight my dear friend. I was so so RED it's embarrassing...

But who cares... I held the bottles of Semillon and felt that happiness was right in my hands.

Told you my face was flushing red... It's true, these photos are evident. Went back to the bus and slept all the way back to Syd. It was a 2hours and 45mins drive back home. Cant really remember what happened next... I think i went out for dinner in the freezing cold weather at night and had a great night sleep.

Boy oh boy how i loveeeee wines... I should drink these everyday.

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