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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Loads of pics. I'm supa lazy to arrange all the pics into 1 big picture. So i'm gonna just upload all one by one. Okay cut the crap. Here goes :

- Lunch @ Sizzler -

Okay we are not trying hard to act cute here or something loh... Jason couldnt remember which level he parked his car at and we were waiting for him at his car while signalling the "loser" pose.

After using my camera for almost a year, i jus realised that my cam has this function. 4 in 1 shot! We all went for lunch at Sizzler. My bunch of lovable collegues. They jus cracks me up everyday in office man...

If you look closer enough, the focus is on the centre part of the pic. The surroundings are blurred...

But dont look to close or you'll see that Lim's car is kinda messy. =/


Mah. Mun. Scrapbook. Qimei

My favourite action-packed mama. Dont we all just loveeeee her!

Simply cant get enough of mah mah... I WANT MORE!

I brought Ah Bear to the chalet with me. =)

Jiji. Nana. Jojo.

BBQ! As can see from the above pic, i'm not really a bbq person yea. I dont appear much in those pics. But i am good at other stuffs though, like...

testing/posing with buffalo wings... *It was supa yummy!

disturbing Mah... *I was fanning her okay! Was keep her coool~

self-taking pic with ang... *Long arms. Wheeee!

Lo and Behold. This has gotta to be the rarely pic ever on my blog...

Ang in Spec! Geeeeeky. I like~

She looks so professional. Machiam career woman sia...

Exit... aiyoh sorry, i mean exec lah. *Blurp*

Mah and I in Wilson car. Going for supper at some place in Bedok with like the Best Milo Dinosaur i've tried. Like they have Milo Godzilla okaaaay! Oh did i mention cockroaches hitched the ride with us too in Wewe's car on the way back to our chalet? Yea we're on the same way back....

Wewe, word of advice. PLS clean ur car lah!

Put pandan leaves or whatever i dont care. No more cockroaches!!

Our Sweet Escape. WoooHoooo! Definately the best chalet ever... =)

- Sub team dinner @ Ichiban-Sushi for Mah's farewell -

Oh did i tell you guys? I'm staying for 1 more mth till they found my replacement. FYI.

- Mah's Last Day (Office) -

Poor Mah. She took half day, was at Dount Factory b4 it opens at 12.30pm, Q for 3hrs to get us Donuts! 5 boxes for donuts. Yummy!

We got her a surprise cake too!

Ppl, let me introduce you to someone. This is Jason...

(and my victory sign behind)

We can NEVER take a proper pic with him around...

He has to stick something into the pic the very minute you press the button. Be it his hands, feet whatever. A very good example as show above...

Much Better. The flower n doggie we got for Mah!

I told you Jason is weird right! Groupie pic.

We all drew messages on the whiteboard of the meeting room b4 she comes in.

I think i didnt show u guys this right? I made this for Joey's last day.

And this. My design/concept for Ang's picture board was more on the 5 of us.

Mah's one was just the two of us...

There's even a full length chicken wing photo of me in case she forgets me. Hahaha! That's my fav pic ookaay. The minute i pass this to her, i cried lah. It's so sad! ='( You know I'm such a crybaby. Luckily nana was there to hug me, if not i'll probably just burst out loudly loh...

Everyone with Mah.

My toilet kahkis. Gossip-teller. Lunch-munchers. Sing along.

"eats shits ands dies..."

many many more! Work's gonna be so different w/o mah around...

Will miss you much!

- Mah Last Day (Vil'lage) -

First day at work without Mah sitting behind me. No gossip, no loud laughters. It was super quiet. I was so bored with work i stood up an stretch a lil. Mah gave me her doggie and i was hugging it. The moment i stood up, i had the sudden urge to turn around and whack Mah with the doggie then ask her to go toilet with me. (we always do that...) Turned around and it was someone else sitting there. =( Luckily never whack sia!

Vil'lage. I have never been there b4. Turns out everyone had the same thing. Rosti with Sausages. Nana's baked rice was goood. I'll try that again next time.

Mah's white rose. Ang as usual. Always on her hp!

Borrow her white rose. Take pictureeeeee! =)

Ang bought a Kate Spade bag! It's freaking expensive y'all. To me lah... I dont think i have ever bought something so expensive for myself before. Maybe next time when i have the financial ability. Ang's rich man. But the bag was really nice. The other reason why she bought it was becos that salesgirl was bloody cocky. She's like giving those i-dont-think-you-can-afford-this-bag kinda look. Like we're just looking around n all. Ang cant stand her disgusting face so she swipped out her credit card and paid for it. You go girl! As long as you like it. =)

So with the Kate Spade paper bag right, it was like a passport to high-end boutiques! I volunteered to carry her bag lah... Pose pose, action action abit.

We stop traffic.

Cos we laughed like no one's business and everyone stares. I'm kidding! Cos Ang is red what... So the only thing that came to my mind with red and 3 items was the traffic light. Quite creative right? Just nod ur head. Thanks...

Last pic for the day. I was away from my desk for sometime and when i came back, i saw that SLACKER note sticking on my computer screen... Evil right! That's so Mah man. I still have that note with me. Desktop background is her somemore. Worse sia... I guess it's stuffs like these that makes time passes so quickly in office. Sigh.

Finally... it's all up. That's all i have. Spent like 3 hrs blogging about the past 4 events man.

Big hugs to everyone that read this. Enjoy the weekends!

Love y'all.

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