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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Hola, and so i'm back! After the insane week of rushing for assignment and exams.... Before that, i actually squeezed out a trip to Malacca. I lugged my bloody laptop there and was still trying to finish up my assignment can... Zzz. I know i've blogged about Malacca so many times, but whatever~ Just look at peektures lah :

Nice sunrise on north-south highway! Went in early morning.

Checked out the new Holiday Inn @ Malacca. Niceee sea view!

Old town white coffee. Loveee the hazelnut white coffee!

Hippest Restaurant in town. It's like full-house on weekends at 7pm!

Shank's fin. I'm sure it tastes yummy...

Fish - now you see it...

Now you dont!

Bro eaten it... I cant stand fish bones man. Yucks~

Bei Zhan. Check it out if you're there! Pretty good food @ decent price.

My must-eat place when i'm in Malacca.

As rundown as it seems, i'm still going back!


Reminds me of my Cambodia trip - the Aspara Dancers.

More antiques.

The thing i like abt Malacca is they have tons of these vintage antique stuffs!

Pool at Holiday Inn Hotel.

Nice view right... feels so good to just sit in the pool and relax.

Went for spa too.

Tried this Javanese Lulur scrub...

Awesome! Skin could finally breathe.

And you can even bathe outdoor. The hotel spa is located at the furthest end so no one is around... That pretty much sums up this short getaway to Malacca. Rest of the time was spend roaming around, eating, shopping, (the new shopping centre rocks) and finishing my assignment, the usuals. Malacca trip is so frequent for me it's like a quarterly must-go trip or something. LOL.

Randoms. At work, junking on tibits that i like.

Notice anything weird?

The cookies! It's a mirror. Cuteee right~

Happy Easter!

Bel bought me chocolate Easter egg from Sydney.

Cracked egg. Yummy~

My all time favourite thai place at Golden Mile. It's the best authentic thai food that's near to my office! Located at a super sleazy place beside a thai disco pub, many thais frequent this eatery.

Clear tomyum seafood soup is chokingly hot...

Thai Milk Tea! i bet you can never find a taste like this somewhere else.

Beef fried rice.

Phay Thai.


Happy Lunch!

Dug out Dad's super vintage ray-ban aviators.


and and and, i finally had time to shop a lil after exams...


Their Africa Spa Salt Scrub!! omg omg omg, BEST scrub i've used so far. Voted as Women's Weekly best product. I tell you it's so damn frigging good~ Like after you used the scrub, you can feel that you skin is so much smoother, softer. I swear this is super tok gong one. MUST BUY! And what's more, it's usual retail price is $52.90 per tub. (which is actually quite ex but worth it.) Now got 35% discount!! ONLY $34.50!!

I bought 2 tubs...

and trying out this hand and foot butter. Suppose to moisturize the skin after bathe. I think all the Spa Wisdom Bodyshop products are super pampering! I love it~

Lastly b4 i go, may i bring ur attention to my stomach in the above picture...

It's bulging! It's so obvious! I cant believe such a strange ordeal is happening to me... I kept telling ppl that i've become fatter and no one believes. It's true y'all. The above pic says it all. Thanks to the constant junk-food munching in office. I need to exercise~

Have a great week ahead y'all! My week ahead is jam-packed with event.


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